A café Americano and white chocolate mocha, a table by the window and a vision – that’s how it all started. For years we would come together as friends and talk about life and share experiences, both good and bad. Being in a service industry ourselves, we would always comment on how frustrating it was to see the lack of care some companies had for their consumers and the poor customer service they would provide – some of which we experienced firsthand. We knew the difference was is in the people. And we realized there had to be a better solution for every company and every customer and it had to begin there. It had to begin with us…

It was important that we didn’t jump right to a solution, but that we begin with the principles. Everything we spoke about dealt with three things: bold personal connections, a consumer-centric attitude and innovative ideas. So with our engineering, marketing and sales backgrounds, along with a passionate vision, a desire to succeed, a strong sense of dedication - and a little bit of faith - ICE Factor was formed.

Headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Carpentersville, Illinois since 2007, along with remote offices, ICE Factor has the experience and outreach to be in any market across the United States and abroad.

ICE Factor was founded on the basic principle of providing exceptional customer service - and then taking it up a notch! As consumers ourselves, we wanted to elevate the standard by creating a company that focuses on the consumer in a new, enhanced and inspired way. We knew that by truly personalizing each experience, we could succeed in raising customer satisfaction to new levels.