Innovative Consumer Experience. That says it all. That’s what we do, that’s why you are here, and that’s what your target demographic wants! A positive experience that brands, promotes and markets you or your client in a unique way while providing results.

This is our specialty, the experiential side. Sure we know what works and we aren’t afraid of going back and utilizing our engagement tactics, but we are also very innovative. All you have to do is ask! We would be happy to create a unique approach and marketing tactic to influence the consumer. Where the location or environment for your campaign, our creative team is dedicated to unique, out of the box concepts that will clearly entice your target demographic.

Not to mention that ICE Factor has a best practice in initiating our innovative consumers experience for all campaigns which incorporates market planning, logistics, and reporting. ICE Factor sets the standard in delivering reports that clearly identify everything from product distribution, timing, team, experience, consumer comments, and of course pictures. Basically, you will receive this report and actually feel the experience and believe that you were indeed there.

You want out of the box, well how about using a box. H&R Block truly felt the results of ICE Factor’s team initiative and our unique concept to drive consumers to set appointment and get their taxes done.

  • Brand Experience Creation
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Retail Events