Russ Kellogg
COO / Vice President
Co-Founder of ICE Factor
Top Experiential Marketing Agencies ICE Factor Marketing

Russ has been a founding partner of ICE Factor since its inception in 2007. Throughout his career he has held several positions that managed marketing and sales departments as well as managed and trained sales associates to manage their own business in the real estate industry. He has repeatedly blown away sales projections in every position he has held, earning him the nickname Russ Money by his colleagues. Regardless of sales, Russ has always been focused on customer service and ensuring his customers receive the best possible experience he can provide.

During childhood, Russ spent many years learning about business ownership by watching his dad grow and succeed in his own marketing agency. Making a significant impact, these lessons in entrepreneurship and marketing continued to be a major part of his life and prompted his focus as he entered Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. With concentrations in marketing, entrepreneurship, and small business management, Russ felt that it was inevitable that he would venture out to create his own business one day. Soon enough, ICE Factor was born.

Russ is the driving force in providing the turnkey solutions that ICE Factor continues to offer to our existing and new clients, as we have from the very beginning. His dedication to maintaining relationships and providing great customer service have allowed ICE Factor continued to provide great experiential services to all.

Sure he loves the occasional Guinness, but if he isn’t spending time with his family, you can bet he is trying to figure out a time when he can grab his snowboard and go play.