Street Teams Chicago ICE Factor Marketing


Market: Downtown Chicago, Illinois

Timing: Multiple Weeks
Plan, direct, and execute 2 separate pop up stores for Sears’ brand’s Kenmore and Craftsman. Pop-up stores required event marketing agency to create the buzz, brand, promote, and engage consumers in the Chicago area and entice them to head to each pop up store location.

The Kenmore Live Studio utilized branded Segways and scooters towing illuminated billboards while professional brand ambassadors wore chef inspired outfits. Brand ambassadors distributed promotional material and worked in conjunction with Second City comedy show for the grand opening launch. The Craftsman Experience utilized branded Segways of four to actively promote the unique pop-up store where consumers would bring it, build it, and broadcast it. Each pop-up location was broadcasted and streamed live 24 hours a day.

Generated 100,000+ impressions from local Chicago-ians. Each pop-up store location directly received thousands of attendees to each grand opening. Engagement strategy and impressions created a cult-like following for pop-up stores with routine and repeat attendance throughout the year.

“Your formal plan of action assisted our team in implementing and creating a positive and rewarding experience for our client. The dedicated teams took charge and truly showcased the client’s brands in a unique marketing approach. Your organization will be on the front end of all of our experiential needs. ”

Sears Brand Manager