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Experiential Marketing on Wheels: The Power of Truck and Cargo Trailer Tours


ICE Factor and Baylor University partner for a tour of Texas


As a seasoned marketer at ICE Factor, an experiential marketing agency, we have witnessed first-hand the dynamic impact of mobile marketing tours, particularly those involving trucks and cargo trailers. These mobile behemoths are not just vehicles but powerful tools for branding and lead generation. Here’s why truck and cargo trailer tours are invaluable in the current marketing landscape:

Unmatched Brand Visibility

Imagine your brand wrapping a 22-foot cargo trailer and cruising through the heart of downtown streets, highways, festivals, and fairs. The visual impact alone is staggering. These mobile billboards cut through the noise of traditional and digital media, offering a tangible presence that can be seen from blocks away. On average, a single promotional truck can generate between 30,000 – 80,000 daily visual impressions according to the American Trucking Association.

Engaging Customer Experiences

Truck and cargo trailer tours are not just about visibility. They are about creating an interactive brand experience directly with the consumer. From walk-through exhibits to hands-on product demonstrations and immersive environments, these tours put the product directly in the hands of the consumer. For example, a recent mobile tour by a well-known beverage company increased their sample distribution by 190% and boosted local sales by over 65%.

Strategic Flexibility and Reach

One of the greatest advantages of truck and cargo trailer tours is their ability to go anywhere and anytime. This flexibility allows brands to target specific events, regions, and times to maximize impact. Whether it’s a sunny beach day perfect for a cool new beverage or a bustling festival where a new tech gadget can make a splash, the mobility of truck tours ensures that brands can connect with their target audience in the most effective setting.


When compared to traditional media, mobile marketing offers a higher return on investment. The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for a mobile billboard can be as low as 75 cents, which is significantly lower than radio, TV, or print ads. This affordability, coupled with high engagement levels, presents truck and cargo trailer tours not just as a creative alternative but a fiscally responsible choice.

Data-Driven Insights

Modern marketing must be backed by data, and truck tours excel here as well. Equipped with GPS tracking and other data-collection technologies, these tours provide valuable insights into customer interactions, dwell times, and preferred locations. These metrics are crucial for understanding ROI and optimizing future campaigns.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Today’s consumers are not just interested in what a brand sells; they care about how it sells. Truck and cargo trailer tours are increasingly adopting eco-friendly practices, including the use of biodiesel fuels, solar panels, and energy-efficient systems. Brands that employ these green practices proudly are well-received, particularly among millennial and Gen Z consumers.

Real-World Example: A Success Story

In a recent campaign by a major retail brand, a nationwide truck tour was launched to promote a new line of sustainable clothing. The truck, which doubled as a pop-up shop, visited 20 cities over the course of three months. The results were phenomenal:

  • Over 120,000 samples were distributed.
  • A 58% increase in social media engagement
  • 31% uptick in store visits in the regions visited.
  • A substantial boost in brand perception, particularly regarding sustainability


Truck and cargo trailer tours are a testament to the power of physical, interactive experiences in a digital world. They offer a unique blend of visibility, engagement, and flexibility that few other marketing strategies can match. As brands strive to make meaningful connections with their consumers, these mobile tours will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of experiential marketing. If you’re looking to make a tangible impact and drive substantial market engagement, consider taking your campaign on the road. The statistics and successes speak for themselves – the open road awaits.

At ICE Factor, leveraging the synergy of innovation, creativity, and empirical data stands at the core of our strategies, including mobile marketing tours which continue to deliver exceptional results across the board. Whether you are looking to boost brand visibility, engage directly with customers, or gather valuable consumer insights, truck and cargo trailer tours offer an efficient and effective solution. https://www.icefactor.com/

Unleashing Creative Synergy

#Branding #Ideation


In the bustling realm of brand marketing, standing out is not just an option — it’s imperative. At ICE Factor, an experiential marketing agency like no other, we believe in the power of innovation, creativity, and precision-targeted campaigns to not just reach your audience, but to resonate with them on a deeper level.

Unmatched Creativity Meets Strategic Precision:

ICE Factor isn’t your average marketing agency. We are a collective of thinkers, creators, and innovators, dedicated to crafting experiences that don’t just attract attention, but demand engagement. Our work is about creating moments that encapsulate your brand’s essence and broadcast it through unforgettable activations and tours.

Tailored Ideation for Your Unique Brand:

We understand that your brand has its own voice, its own story. That’s why our ideation process is a collaborative journey. We delve deep into the ethos of your brand, ensuring that the activations we conceptualize are not just effective but are also a genuine extension of your brand identity.

Inventive Campaign Activations:

Imagine your brand’s message delivered through a seamless blend of sensory experiences, interactive technology, and creative storytelling. Whether it’s a nationwide tour, a pop-up experience, or a high-energy launch event, our campaign activations are designed to captivate and engage.

Targeted Branding for Masses and Niches:

With ICE Factor, your message is amplified not just loudly, but also accurately. We specialize in fine-tuning our strategies to hit the right notes with diverse audiences. From mass marketing to hyper-targeted campaigns, we ensure your brand reaches the hearts and minds of your specific audience.

The ICE Factor Advantage:

Partnering with us means you’re getting more than just an agency; you’re gaining a collaborator, a co-creator, and a confidant. We’re in it for the long haul, dedicated to seeing your brand not just succeed, but soar.


If you’re ready to revolutionize the way your brand interacts with the world, it’s time to bring it to the ICE Factor. Let’s ignite the potential of your brand together. Join us at the ideation station and let’s craft experiences that will echo in the memories of your audience for years to come.

Call to Action:

Don’t let your brand blend in. Stand out with the creativity and strategic expertise of ICE Factor.   Contact us today, and let’s start the journey to experiential brilliance. https://calendly.com/icefactor

ICE Factor and AT&T U-verse Retail Promotions

ICE Factor AT&T Retail Marketing Activation

ICE Factor and AT&T U-verse Retail Promotions

Market: Orlando Florida
Timing: 15 Weeks
Objectives: Strategize, and execute a 15 week event management execution to brand, promote, and register consumers for AT&T U-verse.
Elements: Dedicated internal team for 15 weeks that researched, planned, and executed entire U-verse program. Internal team handled all logistics, inventory, promotional distribution, as well as all event marketing related setup , execution and breakdown.

Results: Ongoing.

“Your results are proven, your management is attentive and your dedicated team is not only committed but thorough and professional. You results have proved that we have selected the best partner for the need of event management services.”  – AT&T U-verse Account Manager
Contact ICE Factor today for any and all of your marketing needs at: (847) 844-0814 or E-mail us at contact@icefactor.com

ICE Factor Featured In Crain’s Chicago Business

ICE Factor H&R BLock Crains Article

ICE Factor Featured In Crain’s Chicago Business

This past summer, Crain’s Chicago Business featured ICE Factor’s work with H&R Block as one of the top five experiential marketing campaigns.  Read Steve Hendershot’s full article below and/or click on the link: http://bit.ly/1A5j7eh


CASE STUDY NO. 3 – H&R Block Inc.

Kansas City, Missouri-based tax preparer H&R Block Inc. ran a national campaign during tax season called “Get Your Billion Back, America,” referring to tax deductions that Americans leave unclaimed each year. The company hired Carpentersville-based agency Integrity Marketing Solutions LLC, doing business as ICE Factor, to create campaigns in Chicago, Atlanta and Nashville, Tenn.

The agency quickly conceived a stunt that was both attention-grabbing and faithful to H&R Block’s product and image: They could literally give money back to consumers. ICE Factor teams carried grab bags full of a mix of real and pretend money to el stops and the United Center. As consumers reached into the bags to pull out what they hoped were real bills, the ICE Factor team expounded on its client’s virtues.

“Our intent is to take that quirky hook and then build on it to create a more memorable, prolonged experience,” says John Guidos, ICE Factor’s director of business development. The company used the hashtag #billionback to spur conversation on Twitter and to collect reaction to the campaign.

The ICE Factor teams visited more than 800 locations in the three markets, collected about 5,000 email addresses and scheduled about 1,500 appointments with H&R Block tax preparers.


Contact ICE Factor today for any and all of your marketing needs at: (847) 844-0814 or E-mail us at contact@icefactor.com

Sears Kenmore Marketing Activation

Sears Kenmore Segway Marketing Activation Downtown Chicago

Sears Kenmore Marketing Activation

Market: Downtown Chicago, Illinois
Timing: Multiple Weeks
Plan, direct, and execute 2 separate pop up stores for Sears’ brand’s Kenmore and Craftsman. Pop-up stores required event marketing agency to create the buzz, brand, promote, and engage consumers in the Chicago area and entice them to head to each pop up store location.
The Kenmore Live Studio utilized branded Segways and scooters towing illuminated billboards while professional brand ambassadors wore chef inspired outfits. Brand ambassadors distributed promotional material and worked in conjunction with Second City comedy show for the grand opening launch. The Craftsman Experience utilized guerrilla marketing and branded Segways of four to actively promote the unique pop-up store where consumers would bring it, build it, and broadcast it. Each pop-up location was broadcast and streamed live 24 hours a day.
Generated 100,000+ impressions from local Chicago-ians. Each pop-up store location directly received thousands of attendees to each grand opening. Engagement strategy and impressions created a cult-like following for pop-up stores with routine and repeat attendance throughout the year.
Contact ICE Factor today for any and all of your marketing needs at: (847) 844-0814 or E-mail us at contact@icefactor.com

Marketing Agency Breaks World Record

Marketing Agency Breaks World Record
ICE Factor Experiential Marketing Agency Breaks World Record
Market: Illinois
Timing: August 26, 2012
Develop, coordinate and execute experiential marketing activation to achieve Guinness Book of World Records for the most amount of organ donor signups in an 8 hour period.
Experiential and branded tent. Professional brand ambassadors approached and engaged students at the University of Illinois campus. Brand ambassadors were trained to educate consumers first about having the opportunity to become an Illinois organ and tissue donor and then speak about the initiative to be a part of the Guinness Book of World Records by making their commitment on that day.
Generated 10,000+ impressions from student traffic, distributed 4,000 t-shirts, and 2,500 wristbands. Demolished previous Guinness Book of World Records standing. Old Record: 765. New Record: 2,262
ICE Factor has been working with Gift of Hope since 2010. Each year, ICE Factor develops, coordinates, and executes experiential marketing campaigns at a variety of locations throughout Illinois for Gift of Hope. Our turnkey services for Gift of Hope have set the standard for engagement and registrations within the brand, Donate Life, and its community. ICE Factor’s successful training methods and engagement process has been so successful that ICE Factor now trains volunteers and employees for the Donate Life brand. Since working with Gift of Hope, ICE Factor is regularly contacted by the Donate Life brand to activate campaigns in multiple states.
Contact ICE Factor today for any and all of your marketing needs at: (847) 844-0814 or E-mail us at contact@icefactor.com

H&R Block Experiential Marketing Campaign

ICE Factor Marketing H-R Block Campaign

 H&R Block Experiential Marketing Campaign

Market:  Illinois, Indiana, and Minnesota

Timing:  January – March 2012

Objectives:  Multiple teams were utilized throughout each market and consisted of team members as Brand Ambassadors utilizing branded Segways and human QR code units (ICE Media Gear).

Elements:  Multiple teams were utilized throughout each market and consisted of team members as Brand Ambassadors utilizing branded Segways and human QR code units (ICE Media Gear).

Results:  Generated 500,000+ impressions from consumer traffic. Collected data from thousands of consumers on-site for each market and provided real-time results daily for follow-up. Increased Latino consumer market by 5%, scheduled 4,000 consumer appointments and provided a 13% conversion for H&R Block.

Other:  ICE Factor’s successful results from the 2012 Guerrilla Marketing Campaign led to H&R Block hiring ICE Factor for other events, such as the Super Bowl, as well as an increased number of activations for the 2013 year.

“I have worked with many vendors during my 20 years in the business, but ICE Factor, by far, is the gold standard for active, positive, effective relationships that drive results. Working with ICE Factor was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Their creativity, program development skills, training, and people make them the perfect partner. We drove fantastic results, as promised, and increased our visibility because of their unique approach and creative focus on our business. I passed them on to colleagues who will be using their services as well. They are now a permanent part of my yearly planning. Truly active partners who go above and beyond to find solution to any obstacle. Can’t say enough good things. Thank you Russ, Bret and team!” – Regional Marketing Manager, H&R Block

Contact ICE Factor today for any marketing needs at: (847) 844-0814 or E-mail at contact@icefactor.com